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May 25, 2024
Which do you prefer to give, chocolates or flowers?
Chocolates Flowers
May 01, 2024
Is 13 an unlucky number?
Yes No
May 23, 2024
Do you like bowling?
Yes No
May 21, 2024
Are you wearing a sock with a hole in it?
Yes No
May 18, 2024
Are you mostly called by a nickname?
Yes No
May 16, 2024
Have you done a good deed today?
Yes No
May 14, 2024
Apples, sweet or bitter?
Sweet Bitter
May 11, 2024
Can you read Braille?
Yes No
May 14, 2024
I live in the...
Northern hemisphere Southern hemisphere
May 09, 2024
Do you often buy bottled water?
Yes No
May 07, 2024
Can you pat your head while rubbing your stomach?
Yes No
May 04, 2024
Do you use a carrot as a nose when you make a snowman?
Yes No
May 02, 2024
Which of these would you buy if they both cost the same?
One big cake Many small cakes
April 30, 2024
You find a wallet. What do you do?
Take the money Bring it to police
April 27, 2024
Have you ever been to a fancy-dress party?
Yes No
April 01, 2024
Have you ever had one of your teeth filled?
Yes No
April 25, 2024
Is your hometown located by a river?
Yes No
April 23, 2024
Do you secretly pick your nose?
Yes No
April 20, 2024
Have you ever tried to build a computer?
Yes No
April 18, 2024
Do you make your bed every morning?
Yes No
April 16, 2024
Which day of the weekend do you prefer?
Saturday Sunday
April 13, 2024
Which describes you the best?
A thinker A doer
April 14, 2024
I prefer listening to music through...
Speakers Headphones
April 11, 2024
Is cold pizza tasty?
Yes! No way!
April 09, 2024
Have you ever made a wish on a shooting star?
Yes No
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